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Quality Objectives

Total customer satisfaction is fundamental to our

success and is our contribution to the success of our customers. 

We will work with our customers to understand their needs and conduct

our business to ensure that their expectations are satisfied. We at MFI share

the following core values in order to achieve our quality policy and improve as employees:


We take pride in our people and our commitment to contribute to the success of our customers.  We take pride also in our flexibility meeting our customer's needs.


All employees of MFI will proactively pursue the enhancement of MFI systems for our customers and our co-workers.


We are all responsible for achieving our mission.  We work together in teams to solve problems and to continuously improve.  We involve our customers and our subcontractors in those teams when appropriate.  We motivate everyone to continuously strive for customer satisfaction.


We rely heavily on our communication skills and place special emphasis on listening.  Making our message clear is accomplished through consistency of our verbal and written communications.


We treat each other fairly and equally in all employment activities.  Each one of us contributes to our overall success.  We give consideration to all ideas, suggestions and proposed solutions to challenges.  We encourage a positive environment and promote creativity.

Quality Objectives: About
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