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Our Bin-Stocking Program

How It Works

Bin Stocking Program: Services

Bin Stocking Procedure

  1. All bins will be labeled with bar codes, which will be scanned by an MFI representative at agreed upon intervals.

  2. Report of inventory status will be generated and stock will replenished.

  3. A minimum quantity will be maintained in the bin at all times.

Inventory Support

  1. MFI will maintain agreed to quantity on all contract parts in our warehouse.

  2. Customer will experience no line shut downs due to lack of product.

  3. Price will be fixed for the length of the contract.

Quality Control

  1. All product is "ship to stock" (comprehensive Quality Control is handled by MFI prior to customer receiving product).

  2. All related certifications are maintained by MFI via a "Tag Control System".

  3. MFI is ISO 9002 certified.

Custom Labeling and Bins/Packaging

  1. Labels on bins and packages will be bar coded.

  2. Part numbers will be prominently displayed on each label along with part description.

  3. Labels can be customized to fit customer needs.

  4. Packages/Bins will be color coded as needed.

Engineering Support

  1. Comprehensive engineering support available at all times.

  2. MFI will supply appropriate literature and samples as requested.

  3. Engineering assistance to reduce overhead with improved fastener design.

Reduction of Transaction Costs

  1. No involvement by purchasing personnel once contract is established.

  2. Properly maintained inventory levels will substantially reduce transaction costs.

  3. No involvement needed by customer's quality control department, receiving personnel or stock room personnel.


  1. All customer part numbers will be cross-referenced in our system to the proper MFI part number, thus eliminating errors.

  2. Customer part number

Usage Reports

  1. Usage reports are available at all times for review by the customer.

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